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What Sets Petit Anjou Apart?

Petit Anjou invites you to experience unparalleled quality and artistry.
Join us in our journey as we reinvent everyday luxury.

setting the gold standard

Petit Anjou is proud to be one of the few studios that specializes in gold vermeil. Our expertise in vermeil means that our gold designs consist only of the finest recycled precious metals--a sterling silver base paired with a layer of gold that is up to 14 times thicker than traditional gold-plated pieces. This results in jewelry that feels sumptuous against the skin and lasts for decades with proper love and care. Petit Anjou's commitment to the exceptional starts with the uncompromising quality of its metals.

creating a legacy of wearable art

Esteemed for their distinctively sculptural aesthetic, Petit Anjou's collections are a tactile study in wearable artistry. Inspired by modern art and architecture, Petit Anjou is guided by its passion for texture and for pushing the envelope with unconventional, yet timelessly refined designs.

a commitment to luxury at every turn

At Petit Anjou, we believe that every step of the jewelry shopping experience should be luxurious and should meet the exceptional standard of care expected when selecting a new investment piece. From our exquisite packaging to our commitment to first-class customer service, at Petit Anjou, you can expect a luxe and seamlessly refined  experience from start to finish.

dedication to craftsmanship & sustainability

Founded on the belief that all jewelry should be heirloom-worthy, our pieces are created with a steadfast focus on superior quality and unwavering character. Each piece of jewelry has been meticulously designed and individually crafted by hand in our Newport Coast studio. Collections are made in small-batch orders to minimize material waste and scrap metals are recycled, refined, and melted for reuse.

part of something bigger

Every single piece of jewelry in Petit Anjou's collections donates to charity all year round. We have committed to pledging 2% of all proceeds to Lovebugs Rescue, a local non-profit animal rescue organization.