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Size Guide

Ring Sizing

We know that ring sizing can be tricky and are here to help. A ring should fit comfortably on the finger and be snug enough to prevent it from accidentally falling off. The most accurate way to determine ring size is to visit a local jeweler. Ring size can also easily be measured at home, however. For assistance in finding the right fit, please download our Ring Size Guide.

bracelet sizing

Petit Anjou's bracelets are measured from end to end, unless otherwise specified. The length of a bracelet when laid flat does not equal the inner circumference of the bracelet when clasped. This means that a 7 inch bracelet will not fit a 7 inch wrist. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to add 1/2 inch to your wrist size for a snug fit, increasing that increment if you prefer a looser style. 

For pieces that feature a toggle clasp, please keep in mind that you will need an extra 1/2 - 3/4 inch of length to be able to maneuver the clasp.

necklace sizing

To measure neck size, we suggest using a soft measuring tape and wrapping it closely around your neck. Adding 2 inches to your neck measurement will give you a comfortable length for collier necklaces, which are typically sized at 16 inches.

The soft measuring tape can also be used to approximate how a longer-length necklace will appear. Simply drape the measuring tape loosely around your neck with the specified length marked off. If a soft measuring tape is not available, you may also use ribbon, marking off the correct length on a yardstick.