Let's cut to the chase: In a nutshell, what are the reasons that gold vermeil is a great choice when it comes to jewelry? 

[*To learn more about what vermeil is or isn't, please refer to our page on What is Gold Vermeil?]

  1. Vermeil designs last longer. They can last up to decades longer than conventional gold-plated pieces thanks to the exceptionally thick layer of gold (vermeil's minimum 2.5 microns versus gold-plating's 0.175-1.0 microns). The gold layer on vermeil pieces, like any plating, will eventually wear down. The rate at which it does so will depend on the frequency of use and exposure to the elements. However, it will last significantly longer relative to its gold-plated counterpart under the same conditions.
  2. No brass here--vermeil pieces are made entirely of precious metals. Should the gold plating on a vermeil piece wear off, it can always be re-plated. Because there is a precious metal underneath (i.e.sterling silver), the piece still carries significant value, whereas it may not be worth the trouble of re-plating a brass item.
  3. Vermeil is ideal for those who have experienced allergic reactions to jewelry. Most gold-plated jewelry on the market uses brass as the underlying metal, and some even utilize nickel during the plating process, both of which can trigger skin reactions. Vermeil, on the other hand, consists only of sterling silver and gold, and nickel is not used at any point of the process. This translates to a safer piece for sensitive skin.
  4. Vermeil is perfect for growing a jewelry collection. Vermeil designs are not as costly as solid gold designs, yet they can hold their own in terms of durability and longevity. This means being able to invest in a larger variety of pieces, while still being confident in their craftsmanship and quality.

Your gold vermeil jewelry pieces will prove to be a beautiful investment you will undoubtedly treasure for many years to come. When shopping for vermeil, please be sure to locate a reputable retailer. It is not uncommon to see jewelry pieces that are labeled as vermeil, when in fact they do not qualify as such. The vermeil designation sounds more sophisticated than gold-plated, and some jewelry retailers will use the terms interchangeably. At Petit Anjou, all of our vermeil pieces meet the exacting standards required for proper, legal labeling. Wherever your jewelry search may take you, if ever in doubt about vermeil labeling, please be sure to request certification from the seller.