Based in Southern California, Petit Anjou was founded by Jessica Liu. Prior to establishing the brand's studio, Jessica was an attorney, but found herself seeking more creative outlets. She immersed herself in artistic side endeavors including metalsmithing, which quickly became a full-time hobby, and eventually turned into a true passion.

With her self-taught skills in hand, Jessica eventually decided to make a pivot in her career and pursue jewelry-making. Petit Anjou was ultimately born out of Jessica's fondness for jewelry and the difficulty she experienced in finding pieces compatible with her sensitive skin. Allergic to most poor-quality fashion pieces, fine jewelry became her standby, but that quickly grew cost-prohibitive. She was also frustrated by the lack of diversity in design--stores were populated by on-trend styles that all looked alike, while more unconventional aesthetics leaned overly rustic or bohemian. Jessica set out to fill the void by creating high-quality jewelry using only precious metals, while embracing unique looks that are timeless yet distinctive and fun to wear.

Jessica's designs are inspired by her preference for texture and visual movement in art as well as her affinity for bold, sculptural shapes. These influences blend seamlessly together to create refined pieces that fuse clean lines with organic fluidity in a way that is modern yet classically sophisticated. Her jewelry pieces are thoughtfully crafted by hand using recycled sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold, and ethically-sourced gemstones.

In addition, Petit Anjou was founded with the understanding that passion without purpose has little meaning. It is a core value of the company to contribute to the global community by supporting causes that have a positive impact in our world, including fighting injustice, protecting human and animal rights, and preserving our beautiful planet.

When she is not in her studio creating jewelry, Jessica can be found hanging out at home with her husband, their sons, and their dog, Hugo.